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Um, most or all dolls are submissive. It is supposed to be light, fun, healthy submissiveness. But it is a blizzard of different ways of submissiveness.

Any transformation can be exciting. The Doll transformation is just really interesting. I mean, it's exciting to be turned into a cow, but then being a cow is kind of boring, especially if you can't find a farmer. Also, the farmer has to do all the work. For doll, you have to do most of the work to make things happen.

Then there is submissiveness to the key. Um, that idea is way too complicated to try to explain. But the key controls you and shapes you.

As Community Dolls, we have a commitment to serving the SL community. That is another submissiveness. If you are counting, we are up to 3.

Then there are the people you are with. You key allows light submissiveness. The submissiveness is doll-themed. We are not reaching out to experienced dominants. We are trying to reach your normal SL people. They can enjoy control. We try to make that as easy for them as possible.

If you are submissive, you probably need a real person in your head as your dominant. If you can find a big sister to help you learn to be a doll, then maybe she will fill that role. But the key tries to make it easy for your dominant. And, to be honest, it will keep you busy when your dominant is not at SL or is busy with something else.

What is a Doll?

Many girls want to be dehumanized into a mindless piece of plastic that anyone can use as they wish. That isn't healthy and we do NOT support that. Plus, most people don't like mindless dolls. If they do, they can buy them at KMart.

Mindless is also popular. That is a little better, but still not too practical. We have a social role at SL, and mindless doesn't work for that. To be honest, people like personality, and the more personality probably the better.

Some typical things for dolls are liking to wear doll clothes, liking to be pretty and admired, liking to be displayed, liking to be posed, and liking to be dressed. We also like attention, we want to be liked, and maybe even have a pathological need to be liked. That makes us very eager to please.

But..... every doll is slightly different. Not all of these fit you? No problem. Find your inner doll. Then be your inner doll. Explore and learn.

Not a Sub

If you are a sub, your dominant usually controls who you are, directs what you do and experience, and tells you how to solve your problems.

Being a doll is different, especially if you don't have an owher. We decide who we are going to be. We have to learn the skills of being a doll. And we have to solve our own problems. So being a doll can be quite the learning experience.

And you kind of have to take an active role in your subbishness. You are not dealing with an experienced dominant who has mastered the open collar. It's someone who will have trouble with your very simple key, who doesn't understand domination, and who probably has a lot of normal reservations. You are trying to teach them that it is okay to control. (But there are limits too.)


Many dominants will try to push your limits. They also might try to make you more submissive. These are typical parts of D/s.

With one exception, the doesn't happen to you as a doll. Set your own limits. Explore different limits. Be as submissive as you want. To be honest, being a Pleasure Doll (having sex with anyone who wants it) might not be that healthy for you. It kind of depends on how you feel about yourself afterwards.

We do not tolerate giving pain to dolls. Well, if you really like that, okay, you can do it. But there is something not right about giving pain to a doll.

Okay, the exception. The key makes you helpless and dependent. It teaches you to rely on others. And it can even teach you to ask others for help.

The 30-day Committment

The idea here is that you commit to be a Community Doll for 30 days. Um, if you find out it just isn't working for you and isn't going to work for you, then you don't have to finish the 30 days.

The reason is this. It is a submissive excitement to have a key and wind down and be helpless. But... it gets tiring. If you quit now, you don't learn the next steps. It becomes a very subtle submissive excitement to learn to live with the key permanently, always collapsing and always needing winding and help. You can't learn that if you give up the first moment you get tired.

There is more. It is not easy to be a doll. My dream is an SL where people know what Community Dolls are how to use the key and all you have to do is put on the key and then everyone interacts with you in a way that lets you be a doll.

But it isn't that way now. You have meet people by yourself. You have to find a way to get them to want to use your key. You have to build up your own network of people. So it is really easy to get discouraged. It takes time to work on that.

And it's easy to get discouraged by the time and effort it takes to make outfits the key can use. But that is a nice feature for letting anyone use your key.

And it keeps going and going. There is a sisterhood of community goals. There is a bigger community of the Community Dolls group. How do you become a part of that community. And, when you are a doll, you are much more dependent and helpless than you are used to. That teaches you, that changes you, and it takes time to learn those.

So, bottom line. If doll isn't right for you, if it just is't working at all, then fine, quit. But if things aren't doing right, there is a lot for you to gain by working through the difficulties.