Being a Community Doll


People to Help

Mistreatment Vs. Use

Key Options

Part-time Community Dolls

Community Dolls (the group)

Part-time Community Dolls

The ultimate doll experience is having a nondetachable key. But that isn't practical for some dolls. So it's okay to take the key off and then put it on when you want to be a Community Doll. It detaches from your Options menu.

But when you have it on, you are a Community Doll and you need to be a good doll that makes a good impression. Also, if you wind down or are being carried, then your key is not detachable. That seems really fair.

You Have an Owner

If you have an owner (or Mistress or Master), then your owner gets priority over your being a Community Doll. Of course. But your owner might not be at SL all of the time. So you are welcome to be a Community Doll if your owner gives you permission.

You can make your owner the controller on your key. This gives your owner control over your experience as a Community Doll. It also gives your owner more control over you, because your owner can pick you up and carry you even when someone else is carrying you or tp you to her no matter what.