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New Key!! New Distribution!

We have a new key. We have high hopes it won't ever have the too-many-listens problem that could make an old key stop working.

The new key comes with a new collapse that Andi made for us. It is worth getting just for that. The new key also automatically has the Music Box animation.

The new key works with our new system of updating and adapting keys. You can choose what poses to have in your key. You can turn your key into a transforming key and choose what types you want. From now on, you can update parts of your key without taking it off.

So, come get a Regular Key from the GivingKey in the Community Doll Room. Then add more poses if you want. If you have or want a transforming key, you can get that.

(The new system also makes open-sourcing a lot easier.)


Christina has a hypnosis "machine" in our Community Dolls Room at Sarah's. It's just the picture of her on the wall. You can use it for hypnosis, or -- much better -- to get HUDS you can wear for hypnosis.

Some are for dolls. Others give a doll fetish. Um, those are for winders or whoever we can get to do them.