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If you need a winding, mostly anyone in the group will be willing to help you. "Winders" are just nondolls that have expressed a willingness to wind.

Um, probably all winders like dolls and will use the winding as an excuse to get to know you or use you. Being a winder also lets them look at the group list to see who is at SL (and who is a Pleasure Doll and who is not).

People who want to use dolls are good -- that's a goal of the group, to connect them with dolls. If you know anyone who wants to be a winder, have them contact me or join the group and I can make them a winder.

If you run down in a private land, you are in trouble. You cannot teleport out, and if the land is private, probably no one can teleport in. So try to avoid this. If GreigHighlander is online, he probably can teleport you out and then wind you.




Mistreating Dolls? Exploitation?

The Key

Pleasure Dolls and Not Pleasure Dolls

Part-time Community Dolls