Dollmakers. And Being Changed into a Doll

I think dolls have a right to define who they are. If you want to be a Pleasure Doll, fine. If you don't want to be a Pleasure Doll, fine. If you want to be a Bisque Doll, fine. Most dolls like to be dressed and displayed, but I have found that every girl has a slightly different idea of what a doll is.

So you can be what you want. You can define what you want to be as a doll.

With one very big limit. It is maybe a good submissive fantasy to be turned into a dehumanized piece of plastic. But it isn't good for you, and it probably isn't very practical or desirable. I mean, if people wanted a piece of plastic, they could just go buy it. They want a person who is a doll. You should explore and grow and try to increase your personality, not decrease it. Um, that's good advice for all of life.

If you are a Community Doll, you also have to be friendly and happy. We want our owners (Second Life) to like us and be happy to wind us.


Some of our Dollmakers know what kind of doll they like and want to turn you into that doll. They have healthy desires -- none of our Dollmakers want a piece of plastic, they all like personality.

The other Dollmakers do hypnosis.

Going to a Dollmaker

You might have no idea what kind of doll you want to be, or you might have some idea. Or you might want to be one type of doll for a while and then become a different kind of doll. Anyway, if you have any firm ideas about defining yourself, share them with your Dollmaker before starting. This is important. Hypnotists are trying to help you be what you want to be; other Dollmakers will respect good ways you define yourself.

You can find Dollmakers listed in the group. Check their profile and IM them if you are interested.




Mistreating Dolls? Exploitation?

The Key

Pleasure Dolls and Not Pleasure Dolls

Part-time Community Dolls