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Wow. And hugs. I spent most of the festival being amazed at how many people were helping out. I spent the last dance just enjoying myself and being with friends. It was a great day for me.

Anyway, festival report. Last year I estimated 100 people. This year it was too many count. 200? 300? So many people helped I can't say them all. But since they are not dolls, special thanks to Macrina Crescendo for supplying and building the festival site, and to the popular Jupiter for being our DJ.


  • I have many new friends now. [That alone makes it all worthwhile!]
  • The Sim had 50+ at one time with little change in lag.
  • MayStone did a great job. [She did. A lot of people did.]
  • Just wish I could have helped more. [!! From one of the many people who helped. Dolls!]

2012 Doll Festival